Name that Horror Game
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I'm trying to remember the name of/find traces of an old horror computer game that I came across when I was a young kid (early-mid 90s-ish).

It may have been run on DOS or it may have been on Windows. The graphics weren't amazing, of course, but it left a big impression at the time. If I had to guess at the title, it might be something like Haunted Forest?

What I remember of the game is that you navigated your fairly nondescript character through various screens and, if you were in the wrong spot at the wrong time, a giant plant or insect or some other monster would appear out of nowhere and devour you. I don't believe there was a way to fight them. I think the point was to memorize their patterns and avoid them all.
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Could it be Another World? (AKA Out of This World)
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Was it Weird Dreams?
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Ton of games like this. Was it a side-scroller, was it top-down, was it a click-n-point adventure, or 3D first-person/third-person? Set in old times, modern times, or future times? On this planet or a different planet or in space?
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Hugo's House of Horrors had rooms like this, where a dog or a swarm of bees or something would attack you when you entered certain screens.
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