Good jewelry store - downtown Chicago?
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Recommendations for a good place to buy (expensive) earrings in Chicago - downtown/loop area, on December 28th? (And yes, Tiffany & Co has a store on Michigan Avenue, but I'm looking for a place with less attitude and more value.)
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Suggestion, although just from having walked by these stores — no firsthand knowledge.
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I'll second jewelers row - I have a friend who used to work at one of the small stores on Wabash and they had great stuff for prices that were a LOT better than Tiffany's or Cartier.
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You could find a gold/silversmith who actually makes the pieces, instead of buying something that came cheaply-made out of a factory somewhere. It seems like markup=attitude at most stores I've been to.
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A third recommendation for Jewlers Row...its pretty amazing "old world" sort of slice of Chicago.
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