Best coastal camping in Maine?
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My sister is going to do some solo camping in Maine this summer, and would love to be as close to the coast/beach as possible. Favorite campgrounds?

She's going in July and will have a car. If possible, she'd love campgrounds that might not be too crowded (in the sense of campsites right on top of one another), and would prefer to avoid ferries.

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We had a nice stay at Searsport Shores, but we went in mid-September. Same with Cobscook Bay State Park. beautiful location, some lovely sites, but it's a crap shoot as to what you'll get in high season. Camden Hills is delightful, though the campground is not on the water. Here's a list of other possibilities, but remember, it'll be high season.
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I camp at Mt. Desert Campground, on Mt. Desert Island, every year. It's a lovely campground with sites right on Somes Sound. It's a typical New England car camping spot, in that you're going to see the other sites, but for some reason it also feels private. You're not one on top of the other.

You can also take the mail boat (not a ferry) out to Isle a Haut from Stonington, ME where there are some leantos right on the water. You do have to walk to them, though sometimes you can get a lift from the locals or a ranger. It's a very remote island, not much there, but it's beautiful. It's been many years since I've been there so I don't remember much about the logistics of it all. I think you had to get a reservation ahead of time.
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If she has the time to drive up the coast, I'd recommend Cutler Coast which only has three first-come-first-served sites but they are right on the water, or something on Passamaquoddy Bay around Lubec (sorry, no recommendations but Cobscook Bay SP looks pretty close).

Camden Hills is a great campground which doesn't feel crowded; however, it's not near the water and it'll be crazy in the area with all the tourists in July.
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Hermit Island! Right on the ocean.
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