Where to buy Milliput in NYC?
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Bathtub project -- signs point to Milliput, but I can't find any fast enough.

I hope to patch a porcelain enamel tub over this long weekend and of the many online methods, I'm leaning toward Milliput + epoxy paint. But I can't find online dealers with fast enough shipping, nor brick and mortar stores with it in inventory.

Any NY/NJ sculptor-MeFites know a spot?

Any tub-chip-refinisher-MeFites have alternative suggestions?

(Also accepting words of encouragement.)
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Automotive dent patch material and epoxy, maybe?
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I refinished a cast iron tub recently that had lots of chips. Using bondo (found in any hardware store or auto parts store) worked amazingly well. Pictures and step by step here.

It's somewhat forgiving to work with especially since you can send it smooth. Watch a few YouTube videos on how to use bondo and you can do it!
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I would check either the Compleat Sculptor, or The Red Caboose. If they don't have it, they'll probably know who does.
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