Where can I buy a shark ring in NYC?
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Where can I buy a shark ring in NYC as soon as possible?

Anonymous because REASONS

I had a shark ring purchasing plan go awry (ie stuck in customs and I will not get it before heading out of town this weekend) so in the mean time I'd like to purchase a novelty shark ring in NYC within the next day and a half.

Where can I possibly buy a novelty shark ring. The more ridiculous the better, although I can do subtle too.. The internet has so many promising things, but I'm concerned about the timing and would prefer to see it in person/have it in hand by Wednesday night.

I can go anyplace within 1hr commute of midtown Manhattan tonight& can do a run during lunch tomorrow to midtown convenient places tomorrow. Where do I go?

Budget $20-50
Size: doesn't have to fit, being a ridiculous shark ring is the point

I saw this buzzfeed article when I was first looking, it is all internet based though.
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You might want to call nOir and ask if their shark ring is any less expensive in the store.
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nOir has one but it is out of your price range. They have showroom sales though so it wouldn't hurt giving them a call.
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Maybe a pendant from this place and then a quick trip to a Michaels or similar craft store for a ring to attach it to?
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It's double your budget, but the artist of this ring is located in NYC. Maybe see if you can contact her through her website?
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How about trying the gift shops at the Museum of Natural History and New York Aquarium?
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I haven't lived in NYC for a while, but are there still any of those places like used to be on St. Marks Place or 8th St. with all the trays of silver rings? They used to always have a lot of badass themed rings and I think sharks would fit right in there.
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