Would I like Uncharted 4?
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I am in need of a video game to get me through the summer, and the nice people on the internets seem to really like Uncharted 4. I love getting engrossed in a game, but I only seem to enjoy a few titles that come out each year. They have to put me in a "play until my fingers bleed" mindset," or I get too bored or frustrated to continue. More picky details inside.

So some of the past games that I've enjoyed include those in the Bioware series, Skyrim, the last three Fallouts, The Witcher 2 and 3, the Bioshocks, Borderlands, Deus Ex: HR, and Assassin's Creed Syndicate. I like story-driven, open-world games with engaging characters, but I am also quite fond of shooting things (or setting them on fire or throwing bees at them).

Games that didn't grab me include Dishonored, Dark Souls, Infamous, and the other Assassin's Creeds. I tend to get unreasonably nervous with gameplay that relies extensively on stealth and, more often than not, end up freaking out and trying to shoot my way out of scenarios that are not meant to be shot out of. I also couldn't get through The Last of Us, which, as it was Naughty Dog's last game, seems to be a common point of comparison for reviewers (although that was primarily because I hate jump scares, zombies, fungus, and running out of bullets). I'm also pretty bad at games that rely excessively platforming because my brain can't seem to understand that we're not really teetering on a high ledge.

So I'm not sure if Uncharted is the game for me, but no other summer releases look promising. I'm hoping to get advice from people who have played that game and perhaps share some of my preferences and/or irrational phobias.
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I played all the other Uncharted games and really liked them--and Last Of Us didn't appeal to me for all the same reasons it didn't appeal to you. The Uncharted games generally go for more of a Larry Croft/Indiana Jones tone, with no bullet shortages, and an adventure/romp rather than a survival horror feel. But I haven't played this most recent one, so I can't be specific about whether or not it involves, for instance, bee-throwing...
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I've heard good things about them but haven't played them. Have you tried the two new tomb raider games? Because I'm obsessed with them! Fun - somewhat open world - shooting - amazing story and character - top notch graphics. The released the older one remastered for Xbox One so now they're both on the new system. (Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider.)
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I would think you would enjoy it but might it be worth your time to find a playthrough on youtube and watch an episode or two to see if the play style and graphics and all that stuff appeal to you?
Here's one example, there are many more I'm sure
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I've played the latest one (though not finished it yet) and can support everything Sing or Swim mentioned about the series.

I'll note that the series hasn't ever really been open-world at all and there is some stealth and platforming. The stealth is entirely optional and shooting your way through is always a valid way to go and the platforming isn't particularly tough. Some of the platforming is done while being shot at/the things you're climbing on are toppling/crumbling as you're on them, but the checkpointing tends to be very generous.

I'm about a third of the way through and there's been no bee throwing so far.
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I'm loving Uncharted 4. As mentioned, it's a romp with no scares and I'm not sure I've run out of bullets once. It's forgiving on either stealth or non-stealth approaches to the combat portions. It's not open world, but the levels are big, and it's definitely story driven and you get to shoot things. I also feel like the beautiful vistas hits some of the urge to explore that I look for when I want an open world game, but in a scripted way. It's not something with tons of side quests and little things to do like a Fallout or Skyrim, but in story terms, it's nicely epic.
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Uncharted is not open world at all. It's very scripted and narrative. As Bulgaroktonos (I will pay the $5 to get you an easier-to-spell username, Bulgar) says, the expansive and undeniably gorgeous vistas do ameliorate that to some extent and because of the way the story invariably plays out, it feels open world, but there is really only one choice to move forward, if that makes sense.

I recently fell in love with Saint's Row IV. It's a very weird and whacky premise, and the gameplay is forgiving and exciting. The only hesitation I have in recommending to most people is that it goes for a lot of "rude and crude" shock humor, and some of it crosses the line into misogynistic and/or racist. If you can overlook that in service of satire, the game itself is super fun and ratchets up from pretty standard FPS material to off the wall superheroic sci-fi pretty quickly. There is a gun that shoots black holes, for example. I had a grin on my face pretty much the whole time, except when I was groaning at the stupid stuff.
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Uncharted 4 is very linear, not open world, has tons of platforming, a lot of hiding and cover, and I'm not sure it compares to the games you like at all.

I'd recommend the two recent Tomb Raiders and maybe Just Cause 3. And GTA V?
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You should probably play the new Doom as well, it's the best pure shooter in years. Single player, but I can see myself playing all the way through at least twice.

For open world, Sleeping Dogs is fantastic.
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Hi, you might be the transporter-accident combination of me and biscotti. The best way to tell for sure would be to try out the various Saint's Row games. If you game on pc too, they're likely to be stoopid cheap on the Steam sale soon.
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AssCreed 4 is a great pirate simulator, though yes there are too many dumb stealth bits. You could also try AssCreed Rogue which is more piratey and less templarry AFAIK.

WatchDogs is actually not terrible if you can get it for cheap, also the Far Cry's - 2 is the cult fave, 3 and 4 are iterations of the Ubi formula which I didn't like but a lot of people do.

Arkham City is open world, worth a look.

But: you must play Doom. It's that good. Even with a controller it's phenomenal.
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If you don't go with Uncharted 4, Just Cause 3 is so much fun. Big open world with more stuff to blow up than you've got time for.
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Uncharted 4 is fantastic. The climbing and traversal remind me of the best parts of Assassin's Creed games, the shooting feels tight and manageable, and the "puzzles" to figure out are creative.

I think you would like it based on your previous winners.
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If you don't like jump scares and zombies, do not, for the love of Heaven, play Doom.
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I have to disagree with Sing or Swim. Doom is not zombies, it's demons, and the fear comes from pure adrenaline, not jump scares.

Try DOOM! It's on Redbox at the moment, so you can even try before you buy. It really is the best pure shooter in years and years and years.
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Take a look at Dying Light. It's really kept my interest for the last couple of months. It can be found cheap now. Also, Far Cry 4 and 3.
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I recently bogged down on Uncharted 1. Even though I was playing on "easy" mode, it was REALLY difficult in parts and involved doing the same damn things over and over and over again, then getting jumped at by hordes of fast-moving Nazi zombies in the dark. It was fun enough that I keep meaning to go back, but unfun enough that I kind of doubt I ever will go back. (Other reviewers have complained the game was way too hard on "easy" so at least I don't feel like such a hopeless wuss.)
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Uncharted 1 is easily the worst in the series, but something that helped me a lot with the zombies was not using aim-down-sights and instead just hip firing. I think it lets you switch targets a bit quicker so you aren't getting hit from multiple directions as well as letting you move a bit quicker (which in those segments, iirc should mostly be backpedaling if the option is available).
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You might like the latest Far Cry, "Primal" Very open world. I think it was the best one of the line so far.
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You sound a whole lot like me, and I'm not positive that it's for you, but I'd definitely recommend you try it...

I too suffer from Video Game Anxiety and normally stick to Bethesda. I had to replay the older Uncharteds before I could play this one to basically steel myself and get used to dying a lot. The thing is that you aren't just jumping around at the top of a building in U4, you're usually at the top of a building that's on top of a mountain, or you're half a mile up clinging to cliffsides. And now there's a grappling hook mechanic, and sliding ground that you need to vault off of, so climbing is scarier than it used to be. Actually, I think all the action set pieces are almost intolerably exciting. Almost.

A lot of reviews complain about the end game difficulty spike, and that is real, but also true for all Uncharteds. On the plus side, I think the combat is improved. There is no supernatural nonsense this time; the only jump scares are sudden gunfire or vehicle collisions. You may be totally fine, because I was unable to play TLOU at all for the same reasons you mention.

It is not a sandbox, but IMO the characterizations and the graphics make it well worth it. I spent lots of time just leisurely wandering around enjoying the environments and I feel like being able to do that takes the edge off the intense parts and makes me feel less railroaded.
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The Doom remake is getting lots of love, but the Wolfenstein remake from a couple years back was secretly better. You get to drop acid with alternate-timeline rebel Jimi Hendrix and fight Nazi robots on the moon. It has a kind of Bioshock structure and feel, if that appeals to you.
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My favorites and your favorites have a LOT of overlap (everything you list as a winner that I played, I really enjoyed) though I think I have more tolerance for stealth than you do. So I will also suggest giving a look at Saint's Row IV (it is stupid - it is SO STUPID - but it's hella fun). Another series that you might like more than you think are the Lego games. They aren't super challenging for an adult but they are cute, fun, puzzley, and available in every flavor from Harry Potter to Jurassic Park. The more recent ones (the Marvel ones for sure) tend to have open-world components as well where you can just run around and collect stuff and do little side missions with your little Lego people.
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Your favourites and my favourites are suspiciously similar, except your list doesn't include the Dragon Age titles.

So, get a Dragon Age! They're essentially the Witcher in gameplay, but I think have a slightly more engaging storyline. Witcher I felt like I should read the books so I have a better understanding of everything, but Dragon Age feels more enclosed and has more great characters.

Inquisition is the newest one which I enjoyed a lot, but Origins is great too.

I've played a couple of the uncharted games, but they weren't really my bag. I'm really bad at jumping.
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Oh, I've played the shit out of all the Dragon Ages. I was motivated to ask this question in part because I just finished my third playthrough of Inquisition and know I really need to move on.

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. I'll probably wait until Uncharted gets a little cheaper and steal my son's copy of Doom in the meantime.
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