Help me come up with something nice to write inside this book I'm giving for Christmas.
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For Christmas I am giving my ex-girlfriend (who i am still very close with) a copy of the PostSecret book. I would like to write something nice to her on the inside cover but I'm coming up blank. Help me out..

I think I'd like it to be a poem having something to do with secrets or about her having all my secrets. I'm just no good at being deep.
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I think blank would be a more appropiate choice, compared to "you know crazy shit about me, merry christmas!" but if you're really sold on the idea, maybe this one?
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"Secrets" is a daily word by Emily Dickinson is a nice one acout secrets, but it doesn't really have any romantic/friendly connotation.
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only thing i could come up with off-hand is a poem by Tom Disch:

There must be some part
     THEY do not share--
A secret slice of pie at midnight
     (They will know)
A secret pie then, locked
     in a secret icebox
in another town

& never mentioned
in any of my poems

     O the taste of it!
how bout just writing something to her? eg: why you got her the book: i mean, why you got _HER_ _THIS_ book. or maybe include a bit of a favorite poem, or a favorite lyric, and keep the source a weak sekrit. of course, pie poems are the bestest. mmmn. pie. merry xmas!
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Or you could find an interesting secret in the book and point her to it (especially if it's really your secret! ) ;-)
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How about a quote instead?

"You know there are no secrets in America. It's quite different in England, where people think of a secret as a shared relation between two people".
- W. H. Auden
I found this
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Here are some quotes about secrets I thought were fun/interesting:

“Tell your friend a lie. If he keeps it secret, then tell him the truth." - Proverb

“Of course I can keep secrets. It's the people I tell them to that can't keep them.” - Anthony Haden Guest

“I like to feel the burn of the audience's eyes when I'm whispering all my darkest secrets into the microphone” - Connor Oberst (Bright Eyes singer/songwriter)

“When a secret is revealed, it is the fault of the man who confided it” - French Proverb

“We dance round in a ring and suppose, While the secret sits in the middle and knows” - Robert Frost

“If you reveal your secrets to the wind you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees.” - Kahlil Gibran

Got them from here:

Sidenote/Derail... has anyone noticed that Wikiquote is just about the worst way to find quotes? They're not arranged by subject it seems... only by the source. I don't care who said it, I ony want to know what they said.
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Wanted to share this one, since it's timely...

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Other writers' words are nice but not what you're looking for, I think. Write something from your heart -- what only the two of you know.

What you write depends on whether you want to get back together with her, and what she thinks about that.

Maybe: "I still carry a small torch for you." or "We all have secrets. One of mine is that I'm gratefull for the time we had together."
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