How do I use this tie clip?
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I received a very short tie clip as a gift, but I'm not quite sure how to use it. It's of a similar size as this one on ebay. Usually I'd use a tie clip to fasten the top and bottom layers of the tie to my shirt placket, but since the clip is so short it doesn't even necessarily reach the bottom layer of some ties. So how should I use it?
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It looks almost like a stud to use with a dress shirt. As a tie clip, perhaps you have to start with a tie dating (stylewise) from some forgotten era of narrow ties. Maybe somewhere around 1950.
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Unfortunately, it isn't meant for the ties you are wearing!

You could use it as a lapel pin and wear it in the hole of your lapel. As you have said, the heavier ties are too thick for the clip.

It would suck to lose it.
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The ones I've seen like that (from the dim recess in my memory from when I used to wear ties) were pinbacks, like a button or lapel pin.
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My first thought was a tie tack, perhaps incomplete, but it kinda looks like a little clip. EBay's image viewer crashes android chrome at the 4th image though.
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