Kenwood Chef Attachments
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I have a Kenwood Chef. I'm thinking about buying some of the attachments. What are your recommendations? Are the attachments worth it or are they useless? Do you use yours?
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Well, we bought the sausage-making attachment a couple of years ago. I think it's been used three times. Our local farm shops sell better sausages than we've been able to make, so it probably wasn't the best investment.
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I use my power strainer attachment regularly to puree berries and make tomato sauce in big batches at the end of the season. That's the only additional one I have. I did kill the whisk but after about 30 years of hard use so...
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Is this a new or vintage Chef? The design and range of the attachments is different.

The vintage liquidisers are pretty effective.
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If it is an old one, watch the load the attachments place on the gear train - it will strip if you are not careful. I think the mincer killed ours.

The new ones may be better, but for the obvious reason I can't vouch for that.
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On mine I use the food processor (mainly for pastry and for grating), the jug blender and the spice grinder most. I only use the mincer for grinding poppy seeds.
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New chef
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