equifax credit report freeze issue
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equifax credit report freeze issue

have a freeze due to some weird account transaction in the past
I have a PIN number to lift it
called Equifax and talked to heir customer service reps about liftin it....paid 5 dollars
I thought it woud be fast....they said it takes up to 5 days
I called after 2 days to check said there was an error and they resubmitted the request
it seems to be a quite unproffesional company...all indian reps on the phone barey speaking enghlish
I just worry that this will be quite a process
anyone lifted the report freeze with Equifax?
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Um...Are you certain this was a legit action by Equifax? How were you contacted? I've never heard of a credit report being frozen, and Equifax isn't the only reporting service. This sounds suspiciously like a scam.
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Did you try lifting the freeze on their website first? I actually just did this yesterday and my report was accessible almost immediately. But yes, if you have to do it on the phone for some reason they claim it may take five days.

I agree they seem very unprofessional when you deal with them. It's upsetting how much power the credit bureaus have.
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Yes, you can certainly have a credit report frozen. In some states, you can even have it done for free if you've been a victim of identity theft.

For example, in Wisconsin, the law requires them to place a security freeze on the account for a modest fee or a proven case of identity theft. Experian for Wisconsin. Equifax table describing many states. Etc.
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