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I'm looking for more music that sounds like this Lou Reed bootleg with Don Cherry on trumpet.

Scuzzy, noisy jazz rock with extended jamming. The Miles Davis album 'A Tribute to Jack Johnson' also fits the bill. Not tight, impeccably performed jazz/rock like Steely Dan.
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Well, there's plenty more electric Miles to listen to. The 1974 live album Dark Magus is especially scuzzy. You should also check out Joint Happening by the band Mushroom playing with Eddie Gale.
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I think Fun House might scratch your itch, thanks to the sweet sax stylings of Steve Mackay.
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I'm a huge fan of the Miles electric stuff (go get the whole Jack Johnson sessions box if you liked what's on the album - it's like the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, but it's great), so here's a few things that might appeal in and around that vein...

Henry Threadgill's Very Very Circus - "Paper Toilet" off of Too Much Sugar for a Dime

Herbie Hancock - "Lil Brother" off of Fat Albert Rotunda (might be too 70s cop show theme song and less grimey than you're looking for)

James Blood Ulmer - "Black Rock" off of Black Rock

Nels Cline - "Not Sa No Sa" off of New Monastery (Andrew Hill tribute album)

Sonny Sharrock - "Many Masters" off of Ask the Ages (bonus: he played some guitar on the Jack Johnson sessions)

Digable Planets - "9th Wonder" off of Blowout Comb (the drumming textures and jazz riffs on this whole album are terrific)

Joe Henry - "Richard Pryor Addresses a Tearful Nation" off of Scar (added due to Ornette Coleman solo)

Eric Dolphy - "Fire Waltz" off of At the Five Spot Vol 1 (acoustic but dissonant and chaotic - lots more in this vein in Dolphy's catalog, as well as Ornette Coleman's and Charles Mingus' among others)
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Miles Davis Live Evil was the first thing to cross my mind. Also Weather Report's 8:30.
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Fire! Orchestra's Exit. One of the best fusions I've ever heard, working in a different way than the 70s approach, even if it has many of the same elements. Ponderous, foreboding, beautiful.
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Having just reached side three, I popped back in to suggest Hawkwind Space Ritual.
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