What's the big deal about followups?
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I just had my wisdom teeth taken out. They told me that there would be a followup appointment, but didn't bother to schedule it. Their office has the WACKIEST hours - it's hard to even get them on the phone. I've got a weird schedule with school. It doesn't seem worth the effort to try to schedule a followup appointment. Is it really that important, or can i safely skip it if everything feels fine?
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It's worth the effort - they need to check how your holes are healing. Also, you've probably been accumulating food in the holes, and the followup visit is where I got the squirting syringe to use to clean them out.
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Definitely get a followup...but not necessarily at that office. It would be better to stick with your original office, but if you really can't make an appointment, you might be able to have someone else check their work.
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Don't skip it. I thought mine were doing fine but when I got in for the follow up appointment one of my sockets was all fucked up. And I went to my follow up appointment during hurricane season when my city was flooding--I had to pull my car up onto a median and abandon it and walk the last quarter mile to get to the office, no joke. I'm sure you'll find a way to figure out your timing problem.
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At my wisdom teeth followup, they took out my stitches. So that might be a concern.
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My office didn't actually let me know that I was supposed to have a followup appointment...it might be because the surgeon was so confident about his work and had tons of fantastic reviews, and I healed without any complications. I would still go if you had an option, but maybe at another office that has better hours.
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About 4 years ago I had my top wisdom teeth out, all went smoothly, and I was told that I didn't need a follow up unless I ran into any issues. About 20 years ago (ohjeez) I had my lower wisdom teeth out and was told the same thing. In both cases, the stitches dissolved and all was fine. That said, I'd leave a message at the place and basically ask if you NEED to come in or if you just need to come in if there's a problem.
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Do not skip it. They want to make sure everything is healing and take stitches out if they added any they were do not dissolve on their own. I didn't even know I HAD stitches until I went back and they took them out!
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If you get dry sockets, you will not want to wait for an appointment. Definitely schedule the followup as soon as possible.
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IANYD, but i do extractions pretty often. Follow-up visits are a must if there are stitches, or if you are experiencing any complications after the extractions. If you have no pain, no swelling, can chew comfortably and aren't having problems, then i would touch base with them by phone and tell them so. In my practice that would be enough, and we would tell you to contact us immediately if anything changes. All good, everybody happy.
Each practice is different, but it typically affects my sympathy level if we make an appointment and the patient fails the appointment with no notification, and then expects us to bend over backwards to accommodate them at a later time. In this case it doesn't seem like they scheduled an appointment for you, in which case nobody's gonna be upset if you don't follow up, routine post-op checks are usually no charge anyway, so the only thing lost is peace of mind.
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Probably the question I meant to ask was "Is it worth skipping class for," which sounds like yes kind of, since there's a hard bump that's either stitches or a complication. Thanks!
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