Where can we get furniture in Santa Barbara, California?
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Where can I get affordable household stuff near Santa Barbara, California? My boyfriend and I just moved here and we need furniture.

Ikea is in Burbank, plus after tearing our old Ikea stuff apart when we moved, we're not too keen on buying more of it. I feel like there may be some magical place that we can drive to and find a lot of options though, in the Ikea price range or a bit more expensive (under $1000 per piece). Any general SB ideas would be helpful too. Thanks!
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You might check out Room and Board -- modern & contemporary furniture, nicer than Ikea, close to your price range. Looks like they have a store in Santa Ana, just a couple of hours away from Santa Barbara.

Take a look at this thread, where people share their Room & Board shopping experiences.
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There's a Levitz in Oxnard. It's off the Vineyard exit near the Target. You can also hit the antique stores in Ventura, or possibly cheaper in Lompoc, but those are hit and miss.
Not much in the way of cheap/good furniture in the area I'm afraid.
Try checking the thrift stores and animal shelter shores in SB itself. You can find some really nice stuff that the local rich have grown tired of.
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You might check out Z Gallerie too. It seems to be fairly quality for the price. They've got good designs and this couch is super comfortable. There is one in your area too.
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You're in luck!!

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