What are some songs with great guitar licks like in Fleetsood Mac's.....
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What are some songs with great guitar licks like in Fleetsood Mac's "Gypsy?" The epic one at the end.
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Mark Knopfler fingerpicks with his right hand like Lindsey Buckingham does, so maybe some Dire Straits? Especially Communiqué (1979), Making Movies (1980), Love over Gold (1982) era.
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Allman Brothers' Ramblin Man comes to mind, there's some some killer guitar work towards end.

It also makes me think of Dylan's playing on Don't Think Twice.

Not a guitar, and stylistically way off base but the first thing it made me think of was the synth that appears 35 seconds into this.
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Came here to also recommend Mark Knopfler. He has so many moments and pieces like the one you describe, in my opinion. And his stuff is all over the place, to wit...

And the last 90 seconds or so of "On Every Street" is another one.
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Go right to the source. Lindsey Buckingham has released solo albums. Trouble has a nearly identical guitar sound, as does some of his other solo work. (Guitar solo starts at 2:09)
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I'm a total sucker for "Gypsy" - here are some things that give me the same feeling guitar-wise:

"Down by the River," "Cinnamon Girl," "Southern Man," "Powderfinger" (play it loud enough and it'll make you cry, it's so beautiful), the whole of On the Beach, "Cortez the Killer," "Ramada Inn" - all Neil Young, the master
"Whiskey River," "Nuages" - Willie Nelson
"Hotel California"
"Purple Rain"
"Land of Hope and Dreams" (this version, not the studio version from Wrecking Ball) - Bruce Springsteen

check out Fleetwood Mac's Say You Will, imo a super underrated album - Lindsey's guitar playing has only gotten more magical with time...
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oh and "Blue Sky" and "Little Martha" - Allman Brothers Band
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"Crazy On You" by Heart has a similar repetitive lick as a verse fill.....a lot of 70's rock had parts like that really
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Notting Hillbillies
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