Best books of current human migration science
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What are the most current books that explore the fields of research relating to the anthropology and genetic work of determining who migrated where and when in human history?

While I am interested in essentially the entire history of the world in this regard and would enjoy reading some overviews of the entire field- if I had to choose a specific area it would be most specifically Europe where I have the most ancestors, but since all these peoples have overlapped and migrated the history of ancient people ties us all together in relatedness. I am particular curious about genetic studies combined with cultural anthropology studies of bones and artwork and inscriptions and goods of ancient peoples.

I know this field is ever changing and while I enjoy reading online, I'd really like to sink into a cocoon of book and read some good literature from the people doing this work. So what are the best current works that address these topics particularly in relation to all the new research being done and how that ties into past works and theories?
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Neither are new, but have you read River Out of Eden (1995) or The Seven Daughters of Eve (2001)? Both are good places to begin.

You can also poke around the Genographic Project's site (and participate in the project).

Consider looking into language, too. Eve Spoke: Human Language and Human Evolution (1998) comes to mind.
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