Tony Zhou's Every Frame a Painting, but for comics?
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I've recently been getting into Tony Zhou's Every Frame a Painting series of youtube videos that really dig into the details of how cinematographers compose their shots and why they make the choices they do. I was wondering if there was anyone out there doing something similar for comic book art or the like? I like to draw and can see myself making a comic for fun much more easily than making a film. Having something to watch that is similarly engaging, but that I could actually apply would be really neat.
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Understanding Comics, Scott McCloud.

McCloud has several other books following up this one.
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Comics and Sequential Art, Will Eisner
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Scott McCloud also wrote Making Comics, if you want more of a how-to.
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You were asking for youtubes, I guess. I don't think you'll find anything like that. Zhou is a filmmaker, so he tells his story in film because that's what he knows.

Comic artists are going to tell their story in comic form, because that is what they know.
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Frank Santoro wrote a series of articles on layout for the Comics Journal a few years ago that are both practical and explanatory. I don't know enough about composition to judge if what he says adds up, but I liked the diagrams! He also runs a correspondence course based on the same principles -- you can piece together more from its blog.
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Neil Cohn's Visual Language Lab.
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Here's a good nuts-and-bolts article; Alex Toth critiques artwork by Steve Rude, including Rude's rebuttal. Toth was a catital-C curmudgeon and never believed in softening the blow but, man, he knew how comics worked.
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