One day/night at/near Shannon Airport
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What to do/where to stay for 24 hours near Shannon Airport in September. We're two adults flying from the U.S. into Shannon early Sunday morning and need to be back at the airport on Monday to meet with a group of people. Basically, trying to figure out where we should go for the day, spend the night, and (hopefully) something interesting to do on Sunday while we get used to the time change. Transport info would be nice, too.
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What time do you need to be back at the airport on Monday? What are your interests? In the absence of any other info, I'd suggest you'd visit the Loop Head peninsula which is about an hour away. The website linked has tons of info on it.
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You can visit Bunratty castle on Sunday if it turns out you are actually up for anything other than a giant nap. I take it by "transport info would be nice" that you don't want to rent a car, which is fine as there are multiple buses between Shannon and Bunratty. Any hotel can help you with that as Shannon itself is basically a complete non-event; it's a planned town built in the 1960s.

if you do want to drive, Loop Head is a fine idea. Alternatively, in theory you can make it as far as Galway and come back in the early morning, but having just got off a flight it might be more realistic to do Quinn Abbey, Ennis for lunch, and then return to Shannon.

There is no compelling reason not to stay overnight at the airport.
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I'd spend the day and night in Limerick. It's about a 30 minute drive from the airport and is a perfectly pleasant city with some pubs, a small but interesting art museum, a castle, etc. A good place to regroup and adjust to the time difference after the flight without needing to do anything too strenuous.

You can take the 343 bus straight from the airport to Limerick bus station (~1 hr).
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Galway! Ok, it's a little bit far (about an hour drive) but it's so much cooler than Limerick (and I like Limerick and agree it is perfectly pleasant.) But Galway is just a great little city, with some of the best food in Ireland. (I really am not exaagerating.) Please eat here for me. It really is just one of the loveliest places on the island.
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Doolin is a great little town, with three pubs that always have some musicians playing. The Cliffs of Moher are just a few miles south of there. It's about 30 miles from Shannon, and there is bus service.
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seconding doolin and the cliffs of moher. you can also head out to the Aran islands.
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Thirding Doolin, it is fantastic. Gorgeous place to walk around, and it's a serious hotspot for live music, if you're into that.

If you like unique geologic phenomena and ancient burial dolmens, The Burren is also pretty close.
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Seconding Bunratty as a great place for spending a chunk of the day. There's a lot to see: a great castle, old buildings from various eras, gardens, tea and scones. Indoor and outdoor stuff in case the weather's iffy.
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Thanks, all.

We're arriving early for a two-week bike ride around the area that does NOT include Bunratty. We'll figure on finding a local place to stay then take the bus over to Bunratty for the day. We'll need to be at SNN by about noon on Monday so that should be easy enough.
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For closure . . .

We'd been to Bunratty before so skipped it. Instead, we took the bus into Limerick and did a walking tour after stopping by our hotel.

The town is easily walkable and quite pleasant, even in the rain. King John's Castle and the Hunt Museum were highlights, followed by dinner at The Locke pub where we watched the Mayo/Dublin football match (tie score; we watched Dublin win the follow-on the day before we left Ireland)
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