Would you help me find a chair?
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I'm not sure if this is a matter of getting recommendations, or just going to try out a bunch of them in person, but if you have some recommendations, I would love to hear them. I would like to buy my first adult chair.

I'm thinking a recliner-like chair that is big and comfortable. I could read in it comfortably, I could meditate, I could put my feet up in it. If I get comfortable enough in it at night, I might fall asleep and wake up and go, huh, how did that happen? and then have to contemplate whether I would stay there or go get in my regular bed. Do you have any recommendations on a nice looking, comfy chair that can almost be a second home, or some sort of retreat spot?
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I've been wanting a Pottery Barn Manhattan leather recliner forever.
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La-Z-Boy are the gold standard. I have a personal preference for ones where the armrests are flat enough to have a little plate on it for snacks or a glass of water, like this but I know the smarter thing to do would be to just make sure there is a little shelf or side table nearby.

I have a very good bed, and even so, I fall asleep more easily in the La-Z-Boy once it's reclined with the feet up. So, so comfy.
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I think you should try a bunch out in person, because the comfort of a chair can depend on your size and shape.

Also, La-Z-Boy recliners -- the mental image is probably one of an ugly, poofy monstrosity, but they actually have smart-looking ones now.
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I think that it is all about going and sitting. People are shaped different, so the make or model of chair that works for me might not work for you and vice versa. There is no substitute for just going and sitting until one feels right.

There is also the question of aesthetics, which kind of boils down to British style leather chairs, American recliners like the one linked just above, or the more streamlined recliners like the Eames or Ekornes chairs. That's just a matter of taste and how much you are willing to spend, they are all comfortable.
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I was shopping for a replacement of the 30 year old Sears chair that I ended up with when mom downsized. I saw about two dozen "meh" recliners, then walked into yet another aircraft hanger/furniture store. The salesman sized me up in a glance and said "You want the Beast" and showed me the chair I bought.

It's big, it's comfortable, it's definitely a nod-out-and-end-up-sleeping-all-night chair. I've had it fifteen years and it's just starting to age out.

And it's available in camouflage!
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Definitely try out chairs. Take a book. Settle yourself into the chair and sit still for a while. If you find yourself sliding out of the chair or having to rearrange yourself because you're getting achy, it's not the right chair.
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20 years ago, I had a Lay-Z-Boy recliner that was a hand-me-down from my parents who had gotten new recliners. So by the time I got it, it was already well-used.

Man, that thing was the Devil incarnate. It seemed like no matter what time of day it was, if I put the thing in recline position to read or watch television, I would end up asleep. Like, even if I had just gotten out of bed in the morning.

Wonderful chair. I can only assume that their technology has improved in the ~30 years since that chair was produced.

One factor you might want to take into account while you shop for a chair is where in the room you plan on putting the chair and exactly how it reclines. They make recliners that require space behind the chair for the lean-back, and they make others that have this forward motion thing so you can set them up pretty close to a wall, but when you recline them, they slide forward so you won't hit the wall with the back of the chair.

To be honest, I had to get rid of the Lay-Z-Boy because I was sleeping in it too much. My back needs me to be on a bed for sleep. You can take this as a recommendation that this particular brand is pretty damn comfy.
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"The salesman sized me up in a glance and said 'You want the Beast'"

There are so many situations in my life where someone could have said this to me, and yet it's never happened. That makes me sad. I want the Beast.
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Man, I'm not even sure I need the Beast, but I think I want one.

Also, the Manhattan leather recliner at Pottery Barn looks awesome.

Thanks, everyone, for the good suggestions! I'll supplement this with heading off to stores to try some out.
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I have the PB Manhattan recliner. For me at least, it's very, very comfortable.
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Do you know if there is a place to try chairs out at PB before buying? We have one close by, but I'm not sure if they have furniture (or whether any/most of them do anyway).
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Every PB I've ever been to has had the Manhattan on display. It's one of the main reasons I go to PB. What's really helpful is when I go with my wife. I plop myself down in the Manhattan while she does what she needs to do, and when she's done, she comes back and rounds me up. That's totally a thing.
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