Two Firefox Desktops
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I somehow have two desktops running in Firefox 46.0.1 on OS X 10.11.2. How do I delete one of them?
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are you using the firefox desktop add-on? if not, i don't understand how you can run a desktop IN firefox. maybe if you could give a longer description of the problem? and sorry if i am missing something obvious.
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@andrewcooke -- No, I'm not running an add-on. When I run my cursor to the corner of the screen to show the windows that are open, two desktops are there, Desktop 1 and Desktop 2. Each has a different background, otherwise they operate the same way and have the same files and folders resident. I have no idea how this came about.
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Do you perhaps mean that you have two spaces, both containing Firefox windows? That is, can you access the two spaces by control-rightarrow and back by control-leftarrow? If that is the case, invoke Mission control (perhaps by clicking the Mission Control icon in the Dock), move the mouse to the top edge of the screen to show the Spaces bar. Place the mouse over the icon for the space you no longer want, then click the "X" delete button that appears at the upper left corner of the icon. Any open windows on the space you deleted will be moved to your remaining space.
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