Italian (???) film identification help
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I'm sorry in advance for the extremely sketchy details I might not have even been Italian, my memory is so hazy...

Here is all I remember:
-Latinate language--French? Spanish? Italian?
-1990s or later
-I believe that the title was only one word, or a word and an article ("il" or "la", maybe " l' ") and the noun starts with a "C"
-Cover/poster was greenish yellow, and featured a hazy looking tree.
-That tree was a plot point of some sort.
-Film is in color, but really washed out, with overlay colour demonstrating mood?
-Plot was probably about how the narrator's parents fell in love, with a focus on the father wooing narrator's mother. Set in the 20s-40s ish
-It was a "quirky" dreamlike film, with improbable or impossible scenarios...
-Including something about shadows? And music? Definitely music.

It wasn't a particularly great film--it kinda doesn't go anywhere, and isn't the great romance it thinks it is. But it was pretty!
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Michael Haneke's "Cache"?
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Oh geez. Should have read the entire post. Not cache. Def not cache.
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The Tree is a French-Australian film, but was made in 2010.
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I was thinking The Tree, too, although it's in English.

The other possiblity I can think of, which doesn't totally fit either, is Tarkovsky's The Sacrifice.
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One of several movie posters with a tree for Tarkovsky's Sacrifice (Offret) from 1986. If that's the one, this famous scene may ring a bell.

(it's been ages since I saw it, but iirc most of the dialog is in Swedish, though, which isn't a latin language.)

It wasn't a particularly great film

So probably not anything by Tarkovsky, then :-)
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Not Italian and not C. Could you have seen Léolo?
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This is a longshot but a lot in your description sounds like Tim Burton's ”Big Fish” - (a tree, the poster, the parents love story, colors, quirky and dreamlike) - though it's of course american and in english, but could you maybe have it mixed up with another film? (Trailer)
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When did you see the film? Was it a theatrical release or on video? You sure about the 90's release date?
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I was so far off, you guys, but Petersondub: you helped for a bizarre reason! I realized that I watched the film THE DAY AFTER I watched Big Fish on Netflix so I went into my instant watch history and there was... Tuvalu.

Everything was wrong except the subplot and the tree on the cover. Yet, Ask saves the day yet again.
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