Legality of 1P-LSD in Romania?
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Where is the best place to find out whether 1P-LSD is legal in Romania? I am considering shipping it here but I want to know whether I should expect any trouble from the authorities.
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When I lived in Romania which was a few decades ago, the prevailing attitude from our sponsoring organization was "Look there are some odd rules in Romania and if you get in trouble because you are gay we will absolutely support you and handle it. However drugs are illegal as hell and if you get caught with anything more than a joint we will let you rot in prison, don't fuck around." Most of the young people I met basically thought any drugs stronger than weed would kill you and were amazed that we had done acid and survived.

So, specifically, Romania has ratified the UN Convention on Psychotic Substances (1971) in 1993 (a bit late, but this was basically just post-Ceausecu). They also ratified the United Nations Convention against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances at the same time. Under these, regular LSD is a schedule I drug. That said, there has been a reduction in severity of drug sentences (original, in Romanian, in Vice) in 2014.

However, please note that things like "Urging someone to use if it is not followed by actual use" now can only get you between six months and three years in prison. If you want real info, I'd contact the Romanian Harm Reduction Network who can probably give you sensible advice. Their page on LSD indicates that possession, transmission, etc is still a pretty serious crime. Here's an article with feedback on them about designer drugs. Apparently there is a list (not included) about what is currently illegal and I bet someone there would be able to offer it to you and give you useful legal advice.
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If anyone else is wondering, I was advised by the Romanian Harm Reduction Network that while the substance may not be specifically prohibited, importing it to the country could invite attention from the authorities, even to the point of a 'trafficking' investigation.

The RHRN were very kind and professional and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone with similar questions in the future.
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