Donald Trump "rescues" 200 marines?
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Did Donald Trump fly 200 marines home free of charge in 1991?

While looking at the "red vs. blue" facebook feed widget, I ran into a post on the "red" feed about how in 1991, Donald Trump flew 200 marines home free of charge because their original flight home from a base in North Carolina had been cancelled. Curious, I attempted a quick check for corroboration from a more reputable source, but a google search only turned up hits from pretty extreme right wing sources, which only cite each other as sources.

MeFi fact checkers - can anyone find a bit more neutral/believable source confirming this story, or, alternatively, a reputable debunking of it?

PS: In case anyone was concerned, even if this is true, it will have absolutely no impact on my lack of desire to vote for Trump. I'm just curious if this is true or a right wing fantasy.
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There is this on Snopes...
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Well then. It seems likely that this is a new retelling of the same fake story. Thanks pammeke! Since this isn't exactly the same story as the one I found, I'd still welcome other confirmations or debunkings, if anyone finds anything.
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(Check out the very bottom of the linked Snopes article; it does talk about the North Carolina story, too.)
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Thanks - I just noticed that - it does address the exact story I found, and judges it "implausible".
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This comment from Democratic Underground points out that (at least according to Wikipedia), Trump Airlines defaulted on loans and control passed to its creditors in September 1990.

And on preview, lazuli's point about the bottom of the Snopes article - so they may have flown on an airplane that had "TRUMP" painted on it, but the vulgar talking yam his own self had nothing to do with it.
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