Somewhere to watch England v. Russia in Boston 6/11/16?
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I'm meeting a friend in Boston on June 11th and we'd very much like to watch the England v. Russia Euro football (soccer) in a pub. We'd be looking for ideally the closest experience to watching it in a pub in England, i.e. a place dedicated to watching just this match with a partisan crowd shouting for England, or as close to that as possible. Anyone got any suggestions for venues? Thanks!
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The Phoenix Landing in Cambridge is exactly what you are looking for. Get there early to make sure you get in and get a seat.
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If you get turned away from the Phoenix Landing (it sometimes got full during the last World Cup), try the Field, just a couple of minutes' walk away. Both of these places are Irish pubs; of the two, the Phoenix Landing might have more England supporters. On the other hand, the Field is a much brighter, pleasanter space.
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