Choosing a school for 2 year degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography
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[Posted on a friend's behalf] I am researching schools for a 2 year degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Though there are limitless wormholes about "top schools" I haven't been able to deduce which ones possess both quality programs and a balance of cost-effective places to live while obtaining this degree. I have a background in the visual arts and am now in my mid-40s, so this is an epic step forward in viewing the Big Picture.

Do you know of any US schools that are best for obtaining the necessary prerequisites for Diagnostic Medical Sonography, or programs which include the necessary psychology, math and anatomy prerequisites within their own curriculum?

Schools that are close to art and culture would of course be more desirable, but there are many deciding factors.
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Any Junior/Community college should offer this. You want in-state tuition so it's affordable.
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As an example, here's one close to my home.

Gwinnett Technical College

This is a ubiquitous course across the entire US. Just Google the location you're interested in, and see if there's a JC/CC that offers the program.

There's no 'top school' for this, it's mostly fulfill the requirements, take the test, go to work.
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I would call tech schools in your desired area and ask if they offer associates degrees in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. There's also a certification your friend will have to obtain, but if they graduate from an accredited program, I don't think that would be an issue. I googled and found the trade association: SDMS. Your friend could find a convenient program or two, and then check with the association to make sure the school is accredited.
I also think it's possible to take this coursework through a local hospital, but I don't know how to find that kind of program. Maybe some phone calls or emails to hospitals or clinics could find him/her a lead that way. Good luck to your friend! I have heard it's a relatively good field.
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Seconding Ruthless Bunny. Go to technical school and not a for-profit medical assisting school.
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Diagnostic Medical Sonography is a very readily available, popular program at community colleges and junior colleges. Check out the one nearest to you to see if they have it, and if they don't, check a neighboring county's community college offerings. Always check the accreditation before you commit to anything, but most CCs are pretty good about making sure their ducks are in a row for career programs like this one. (Full disclosure: I work at a community college.)

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT pay a for-profit school for this credential. They are triple the cost or more than a community or junior college and their credits are not transferable under any circumstances. They're often not even accredited, and many employers are wise to this. Don't spend any more money than you have to for a degree that probably isn't even on the same level as something from a CC or JC. Between in-state tuition and low-interest government loans, there is zero reason to go into any kind of real debt for this degree, but that's what tends to happen with for-profit schools.

Okay, off my soapbox now. Good luck with your studies!
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