Hanukkah candles
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Can anyone give me some advice on where to get Hanukkah/menorah candles today, here in Salem, Oregon? Specifically, anyone know if the big box stores, or Hallmark, etc. are carrying them. Normally me mum has sent them but not to be this year...
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Aren't those usually available in the grocery store? Over by the kosher stuff? Or is that just our area?
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World Market/Cost plus is where we got ours.

Looks like the closest store is in portland..


No idea how far that is, or if it's too far to get hannukah candles.. heh
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I'd imagine the Temple Beth Shalom gift shop would have them, or at least that someone there would know where to get 'em.
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Any decent-sized Fred Meyer should have them. I've never looked for them in Salem, but the Freddy's in Astoria, which is much smaller, has them, so you should be fine. A good Safeway or other less full-service grocery store might even work.
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Bed Bath & Beyond near me has them.
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I agree with unrepent--my local grocery store has them.
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Pier One Imports also
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Pier 1 Imports - #1159
SALEM, OR 97301 503-581-7437

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You can always go with lamp oil or any candle not made using animal fat.
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You might try the Bed, Bath and Beyond at Lancaster Mall. Pier One is right next door, so you've got double your chances.
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Hallmark and other card/gift stores don't carry them out there?

(and Happy Hanukkah all!)
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Response by poster: Hallmark it is (was) - last 2 boxes. The Temple is closed today.

Thanks all.
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