How to find month-long housing in Melbourne
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First-time renter looking for a place to stay in Melbourne in July (and probably September). What’s the best way to approach this?

I’m 29 and been traveling around Australia for the past three months on a work-holiday visa. Yay! So far I’ve stayed in a mix of Airbnbs, budget hotels, and with family. I’m headed to Melbourne the first week of July and plan to stay there through July 29, and after another month on the road will very likely be back again for all of September. I’m hoping to find furnished rooms in share houses for both these periods rather than cobbling together housing week-to-week; I’m working as a freelance writer and just want somewhere quiet where I can work, cook, and basically not be a backpacker for a while, but can still easily access the CBD via public transport. In college I lived in an apartment with friends, but have never done a blind search for housing before and am pretty overwhelmed by all the listings on Flatmates, Gumtree, and Fairy Floss Real Estate. Thankfully, many of them are in my budget (max $250 AU a week), but I’m kind of clueless about how all of this works in general.

Most of the rentals I’ve seen say they're looking for someone to stay at least 2 or 3 months. Any tips on how I can narrow down listings to find what I’m looking for? Is it just a matter of messaging all the listings that look promising and seeing if they'd be open to a one-month stay? Are there other or better options for finding a spare room in my price range? I’ve considered using Airbnb again, but the service fees I’ve paid are piling up and at this point I’m really hoping to find something directly.

I read this previously, which was helpful, but I'm wondering if there's anything else out there that's geared toward shorter stays.
posted by Cue the Strings to Grab Bag (1 answer total) is worth a look, as you can filter for length of stay, and can put up a profile with your exact dates. Also, in sydney a lot of this stuff is now on facebook. I found this page, though there may be others.

I would focus on people who are subletting their room whilst on holiday. You'll have to get lucky to get the exact dates though - you might have to offer to pay for a few days either side. You can also try putting a wanted ad up on Gumtree. I know someone who found housemates that way. People often want to meet new housemates first though though obviously you can offer to facetime or skype. You will probably find that the best time to find accommodation is right before you need it - people with open rooms will start considering shorter stays when the other option is paying double rent. So if you don't find anything, and have to go with airbnb or a hostel, try to get something you can cancel.
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