Community for non-expert Photoshop artists?
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Where on the web can I get critical feedback on my Photoshop pictures?

I'm an intermediate-level self-taught Photoshopper, and I am looking to get better through others' critical feedback on my work. I would like to give feedback where I think I can help also. I know about Worth1000, but I am not that good, besides, I want to do what I want to do.

I imagine a place, or a feed, or whatever, where people post what they've done, and give feedback on each others' work. If people are not assholes, all the better, but I really want "your shading on the woman's right leg is inconsistent with the shading on her face, you could try..." not just "nice job".

Is there such a thing?
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Some users on do this kind of feedback quite generously quite a bit, but I guess whether it's the community for you depends on what you're 'shopping, given b3ta is mostly visual jokes.
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It greatly depends on the kind of Photoshopping you're doing. There's a huge difference between straight up digital painting and "improved/fixed this photo" type of Photoshopping, and there are even steps in between. You don't have to link to your art, but could you give an example of the type of work you do?
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I mostly like to put people's heads on other people's bodies.
Like so.
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