Google Photos: any way to organize albums into larger collections?
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I'm looking at transferring my photos from Flickr To Google Photos. One thing I can't find is the ability to organize my individual albums into larger collections, such as "Family", "Friends", "Arty", etc. Any advice?
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If you have imported the photos by uploading to Drive then you can search for the folder name in Photos and it will bring them all up. It took me a while to find this out as the Photos interface isn't very helpful. I don't know how well it works for subfolders though.
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Google Photos does do this automatically. The categories might not be the ones you would have chosen, though! For me it has created e.g. categories of [my-husband's-name], cats, mountains, lakes, flowers, buildings, mother, fires and a few other things. I think it basically classifies all your photos by running comparisons with other photos online and identifying what the photos are approximately "about", and then makes categories for the things that you most frequently take pictures of.
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I use Google Photos quite a bit, but I don't think it has this functionality at all (the ability to organize subfolders/subgroups of photos into larger collections). It's a very basic consumer tool with a few nice features (a basic editing tool, auto-upload from phone or synced folder).

I generally use Google Photos for the auto-upload / backup features and because uploads from desktop off my SLR's memory card are quick. It's also useful for making quick fixes to snapshots.

A better option I think for your needs is OneDrive's camera roll. It doesn't have an editor, but it does have auto-backup to the cloud, and folders can be arranged any way you like.

I actually do auto-backup to both OneDrive and Google Photos for redundancy.
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Response by poster: Hmmm... my main goal for this feature is for my family photos, where I can create discrete events, and then organize them by year. "Show me Christmas 2008". I could just take the share link for each album and paste that in a simple list on my family's backpackit.
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