How do I Choose My Next Career?
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Have you made a radical career change? I currently have a job as a digital marketer at an ad agency, however, I've been here a couple years and find that I'm not quite suited to office work and the schedule it entails. Skills I have: seo, web analytics, copywriting, media sales and public speaking. More inside.

Ideally, I'd like to find a job that makes use of some of these skills but also allows me to step away from my desk more often, use my hands, and allows me to be more active. However, I am having a hard time finding jobs like that. When I've looked at job postings, I've been drawn to jobs with a mix of manual labor and office work (park manager, chef, etc) but they all require additional training or education. I already have a degree and am reluctant to pay for another one. I'm open to doing something completely different from what I do now, as long it provides a liveable wage and is interesting (subjective, I know) work? Has anyone totally switched things up and left office drudgeRyan for another career? If so, what and how?
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Have you considered abseiling and cradle engineering?
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Also to consider: might you just apply for those jobs anyway? You might be able to talk your way into a chance if you're willing to apply yourself to get the needed skills on the job, and/or you might have hobby (etc.) experience that would apply to the manual part where you don't have Official Training. As a third possibility, could you start working up some cred in some of those skills without Going To School? (think: volunteering with Appalachian Trail folks or whatever) or would you be willing to start a bit lower on the food chain so that you can Prove Yourself in that actual context and Learn As You Go?
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You could choose any sort of manual labour and build up a business doing it. You already have many of the marketing skills.
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