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Just set up a new Echo for my mother, and we are having an issue that is small, but sort of irritating. Alexa is answering all queries (as best she can), but the little "bong" that acknowledges that she is being addressed is not happening. Glitch, or do the newer ones just not do it anymore? This has proven difficult to Google.
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Told my husband I had turned to you guys as I couldn't find the answer online. Approx. 12 seconds later, he sends me the answer. Marking resolved, but not asking for a deletion, in case this might help someone else. Thanks, guys.
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Yeah, our doesn't do this out of the box - it doesn't make a noise, it just has the glowing light ring. From your link it sounds like it's something one can turn on:

To fix this, head to the Echo app (Web interface) on your phone, tablet, or computer, and go to Settings > [Your name]'s Echo > Sounds.
Enable Wake up sound, and you're set.
You also have the option to enable the End of request sound.

Thanks for asking this, I didn't realize it was an option.
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Ours does it, and it is nice to know you have her attention if she is out of your line of sight. Mom wouldn't miss it, but I think it will make interacting with Alexa easier on her once I get it going.
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For what it's worth (I had an Echo at launch time but not anymore, so I assume this is still true) you don't have to wait to start asking.

It keeps a short period of sound in memory, so if you just say "Alexa, what time is it?" with no meaningful pause after "Alexa", it will catch the whole question.
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