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I read a book sometime between 2006-2009. The plot was something about book sharks or something where these "sharks" or creatures would maybe come out of the pages if you read. Or maybe they would just make book pages go blank or something. (?) The mission of the two-three young adult or teenage protagonists was to make the book sharks go away, which was dangerous, and which they may have done by luring them away. (?) I'd like to recommend it to a young book worm I know but that's all I remember about it.
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It's definitely not YA, but your question brought to mind the Raw Shark Texts, which features a conceptual shark that preys on memories, and plays around a lot with typography, etc. It also came out in 2007, which would fit your timeline.
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It sounds similar to plot points in the Jasper Fforde Thursday Next books.
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Wow, that's totally it. I guess I got YA from the feeling of "play" and "suspenseful." Time for a reread. Thanks!
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related: I've always enjoyed Tilda Swinton reading the beginning of The Raw Shark Texts.
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