Cold War-influenced, all-gender cat name
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I'm looking for a name for our new cat, who is fluffy and has white boots on all of her feet.

We are fans of the Diefenbunker Cold War museum and would like to name the new cat with a Cold War-influenced, preferably all-gender name (this is negotiable, and of course, technically all names can be all-gender). I know that's a tall order. If it helps, the new arrival has a simultaneously sweet and don't-mess-with-me personality. Any ideas?
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Maybe Natasha, from the 1960's cartoon character/Russian spy Natasha Fatale? (not an all gender name, but might work anyway?)
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FYI - the picture of your cat just links to the generic "camera roll" for each individual Flickr user's own accounts.

This page links to several translations for the word "Cat" in Russian, depending on whether you're referring to a boy cat, a girl cat, or you're saying "kitty" or you're referring to a kitten. "Kotyonok" is the gender-neutral word for "kitten", and for "kitty", you would say 'koshechka' (кошечка) for female and 'kotik' (котик) for male. And honestly, "Kotik" or "Koshechka" sound cool.
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Checkpoint Charlie, Charlie for short.

Nikita is gendered male in Russia, but has been used as a female name in the Anglophone world.

Marx would be a pretty rad name for a cat.
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Sputnik? Nikki for short?
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Philby maybe?
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Sputnik, or possibly Catnik.
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Kitka (this is what I would guess if you asked me to say "cat" in Russian, which I do not speak)
Laika (space dog)
Myshka (little mouse)
Zaichik (bunny)
Tender Words in Russian has pronunciations for these, and some other choices.

Here are some Clockwork Orange Russiany words that might be cute cat names: Bolshy (big), Droogie (friend), Chellovek (person), Gulliver (head), Jeezny (life), Otchkies (spectacles), Rooker (hand), Schlapa (hat), Sladky (sweet), Sneety (to be seen in a dream!), Spatchka (sleepy), Nochy (night), Tolchok (smack),

Or, best of all...

TOOFLES! (slippers! from туфли túfli, "shoes")

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Laika gets my vote.
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Airlift! Or “Berlin Airlift” for formal occasions. Good if the cat jumps at all.

Relatedly: Vittles, for Operation Little Vittles.

Westminster is the college where Churchill gave the “Iron Curtain” speech; kind of a mouthful for a cat name but it shortens to Minnie or Min.

Also: NATO; Kremlin; Glasnost; Perestroika-in-Boots...
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I knew an orange cat named красный (krasnyy), which is "Red."
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The Iron Curtain.
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Link to cat pic is fixed thanks to our great mods!
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Karl Manx!
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WWII, not Cold War, but if you have an opportunity to name your cat Das Boots and you don't, I weep for you.
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After Dean Rusk, long-time cold war Secretary of State:
As Secretary of State he believed in the use of military action to combat communism. Despite private misgivings about the Bay of Pigs invasion, he remained noncommittal during the Executive Council meetings leading up to the attack and never opposed it outright. During the Cuban Missile Crisis he supported diplomatic efforts. A careful review by Sheldon Stern, Head of the JFK Library, of Kennedy's audio recordings of the EXCOMM meetings suggests that Rusk's contributions to the discussions probably averted a nuclear war.[11] Early in his tenure, he had strong doubts about US intervention in Vietnam,[12] but later his vigorous public defense of US actions in the Vietnam War made him a frequent target of anti-war protests.
With bonus diminutive of 'Ruskie.'
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Arrow, or Avro?

Maybe Mr/Ms Kittenger?
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Smiley (after George Smiley - fictional cold war spy) or Karla (his nemesis).
Philby after Kim Philby
Ames after Aldrich Ames
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'Katfirnikova,' a/k/a 'Kat.' :P
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White feet you say? How about Bunny Boots. Sounds cutesy, but is actually military-grade.
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As in, "Give me a ping, Vasili. One ping only, please."
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Crazy Ivan (Russian submarine manoeuvre).
Fidel for the Cuban Missile crisis.
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Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
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My sister suggested Berlin, like the Berlin Wall.
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Belka or Strelka -- Laika's successors in space, who were the first animals to be returned alive.
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Seconding Petrov, seems like a great fellow and moment to memorialize. Also seconding Smiley, but that would depend on the cat's personality. The original Smiley seems very cat-like to me.

Beautiful kitty!
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Comrade. Commie for short.

(This was the name of one of our previous cats -- he and a number of other animals were rescued from a seized Russian fishing trawler off the coast of Washington state. Only cat we've ever had who came with letters from a law firm.)
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The Eiger, T.Eiger for short.
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Something derived from Igor Gouzenko? Goozie or Gussy (I like pet names that end in an "eee" sound) or Zenko?

Especially since she's a Canadian cat.
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Acoustic Kitty, after the CIA's short-lived and notably unsuccessful project to use cats to spy on Soviet embassies.

Mourka, after the battle cat of Stalingrad (I have no idea how historically sound that story is, but the photo shows a similar degree of fluff).
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Whoops, wrong war.
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Still, Gato.

"On 15 November 1969, Gato collided with the Soviet submarine K-19 in the Barents Sea at a depth of some 200 feet (61 m). The impact completely destroyed the K-19's bow sonar systems and mangled the covers of its forward torpedo tubes. K-19 returned to port for repair but the Gato was relatively undamaged and continued her patrol."
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Now that I have seen the picture I am trying to think of something suitably floofy.

How about Zhivago? I keep seeing, like, Omar Sharif's hat here.
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Instead of comrade, maybe its Russian equivalent - Tovarish.
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You could just call her Dief.
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I'll add that thanks to researching the question, I have some new Russian variations on Kate to apply to my often ill-behaved tortie. Katya turned out to be very satisfying to exclaim across the room.
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Pershing (Purrshing?) as in the missile.
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Dr. Strangelove
Tsar (Tsarina) Bomba
The Big One
Nuke Test
Fallout Shelter
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Boots Wall.
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Masha. My half-Russian niece has a kitty with that name.
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Thanks so much everyone! Those are really helpful suggestions that I wouldn't have thought of. We are spending the weekend with the cat and will decide the name during that time. I will be sure to provide an update!

For now, here are two more pics of the floofy beast!
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Hi everyone. Thank you so much for your replies! So after some hanging out, the cat's name morphed into Beatrice, which is at least the 166th most popular girl's name in the 1940s. I do find myself calling her Comrade Bea, and sometimes Tovarish when I'm giving her a good scritch.

And wow, I forgot what it is like to have a long-haired cat - the brushing and the dingleberries... but she is so cute. She seems to get fluffier every day. Thanks again for your input.
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