Doublesided bookcase
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Where can I find bookcases with the following specs?

I want to find a double sided bookcase that meets the following specs...but where?

1. real wood. not particle board
2. 36 to 48 inches tall
3. 6-8 feet long

Anyone know of a good source for something like this? Library supply shops??
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Looking for 'unfinished furniture' will probably get you what you want. Like this.
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In my area, I would go to Fenton Maclaren in Berkeley, CA and see if they can custom make exactly what I need, as suedehead said. Or ask a friend who can make bookshelves

But that's a pretty long bookcase to not have it supported along the length of the shelves, so think about what you want double sided to look like for real.
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Is this what you're looking for? (I cannot begin to imagine the shipping charges, though.)

Other options include hiring a cabinetmaker (my parents' solution) or arranging through an unfinished furniture retailer to have a supplier customize an order (my solution).
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In Chicago, 57th Street Bookcases does great custom work. Maybe they could give you a referral (assuming you're elsewhere).
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I don't see any on their website, but I recommend contacting Barn Furniture. I have several of their bookcases, and I'm pleased with them. It's better to call them than to e-mail them, in my experience.
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