Microsoft Office 2016 compatible with Windows Tablet?
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Is the desktop / laptop version of Microsoft Office 2016 compatible with Windows Tablet?

Someone overseas has asked me if there is a way of installing MS Office on their Windows tablet without paying for a yearly Office 365 subscription.

So, the preferred option is a standalone Office 2016 installation. If they purchase this in a PC / laptop variety, will it work on the tablet?

Do not know the exact OS version. Unclear from the official MS websites, there seems to be some contradictory information.
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Assuming the Windows tablet isn't an ARM-based tablet running Windows 8 RT, you should be able to run whatever version of Office you want on it. Main limitation would be storage space, so check to make sure the tablet has enough free space for the installation (3 GB, according to what the internet tells me).
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I would think if WIndows 365 runs on a Windows 8.1 or 10 tablet, Office 2016 will as well...since the current version of Windows 365 is equivalent to Office 2016. (It will run on Windows 7 too, Ithough I don't know that there are any tablets running Windows 7.) I've installed Office 365 on an Acer Windows tablet. Be sure to get a copy on USB, not will work much better.
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Thanks - looks like the answer is any version if not running RT, 365 subscription only if RT.

Appreciate the answers.
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