Commercials About Bugs?
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Can the hivemind ID these commercials?

Asking for a friend:

So crazy, I know, but at least 5 years ago, does anyone remember commercials on a cable station, maybe lifetime or something, that had a European actress, an older actress, that was also a dancer maybe?, who dressed up as gross bugs like cockroaches and slugs, and told educational information about them? For example for snails she spoke about how they reproduce?

I know it sounds crazy. I always thought these commercials were strange and I was describing one to my friend today and he didn't remember them, and I realized how crazy this commercial sounded. But I swear it wasn't a dream. But the Internet has failed me and I can't find it online. Anyone?
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Isabella Rossellini, well known as a supermodel and movie star, is now making short films for mobile devices that illustrate the sex lives of dragonflies, earthworms and other creatures. But they are not like standard nature shows. In these films, which she researched with the help of Wildlife Conservation Society experts, she not only details unusual aspects of the critters' biology but also dresses up as them and mimics sex with paper cutouts. We asked Rossellini what she hopes to accomplish with the films on invertebrate love, dubbed Green Porno... Check out her videos on YouTube.
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Was it Isabella Rossellini in Green Porno? Not a commercial, though...
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Yes! Thank you. It sounded vaguely familiar to me but I couldn't place it.
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