Help me find the perfect Timey Wimey Ticky Tocky Timer!
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I need a mechanical (not digital or on my phone) timer that makes a ticking sound. I'd rather it not be a hugely loud harsh ticking sound but if it meets the other needs, I'll take it. I also need it to be pretty sturdy. And I need the damn thing to go off when it gets to zero. I've tried a bunch from kitchen stores lately and they only go off about 20% of the time. Bonus points if the dial is easy to see from across the room.

Here's the concise list:

- must make a ticking sound
- must go off (make a sound) when it gets to zero

Nice to haves:
- if the ticking sound could not be super harsh and jarring
- if the dial was easy to see from across the room

thanks, Mefites!
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I'm a fan of Taylor stuff because when I bought a scale from them they were very cool about honoring the warranty. I have not tried their kitchen timer but I would trust it.
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My plastic Lux kitchen timers have held up for about 10 years each. I'm on my third now. They didn't last as long as my grandmother's metal timer of the same brand, but that's to be expected. You MUST twist the dial past the 30 minute mark for it to ring properly. Doing that, I've had no problems with the ringer not going off. Turning past the desired time and back to the correct time is now ingrained habit.

I hated the OXO. It would not ring unless it had been twisted all the way to 60 minutes (not noted anywhere on the timer), and often not even then.
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I've got a no-name tomato shaped timer that I purchased at either Bed, Bath & Beyond or whatever the name was of the other kitchen/home goods store that went out of business. If you turn it past the time you want before setting it on the desired time, it always rings. And it ticks really loudly, which I quite like.

I haven't used one in decades, but would a darkroom timer work for this? I can't recall if they ticked or not.
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Try a vintage darkroom or lab timer? New ones at Amazon are quite expensive, but you can buy them still. I have had four or five over the years and some tick and some don't--so you'd need to go back and forth with the sellers to find out if the one you're looking at works at all or ticks.

(on preview, double!)
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I have this Kikkerland timer that is shaped like a cat. I use it regularly and it has never let me down.
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Okay, not an answer to your question, but mechanical timers often fail for short times. If I just set my ticky timer to 4 minutes, it will tick down and stop without ringing. Turn past to 15+, then down to 4, and it will ring.

I do not of course swear that this was the problem with your timer, timers do fail and can be pieces of crap.
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I have a darkroom timer. It does not tick.
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