Best place to buy a used Mac Laptop online
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Currently, my brother is using my old MacBook pro from 2006. It has started to become unreliable - I'm looking for a replacement for him.

The screen freezes up, and then the machine won't restart (gets to the apple screen, the status wheel turns a bit then freezes). Some random combination of safe mode restart, resetting the PRAM and swearing seems to bring it back to life - but I think it is time to consider a replacement.

I'd love to stay < $400. He uses a computer to shop online (no streaming video, etc). He also uses Office - I have a copy of that for him already, so it doesn't need to be on the machine. That is really about it - so it isn't like he is in need of the latest, greatest or fastest.

I've see refurbished MacBooks on eBay - I'm a little leery of eBay tho - I feel like I don't know enough to not get scammed. I've also seen things like this, does anyone know if GainSaver (or some other online shop) is a safe place to buy?

Oh- and I see an awful lot of white plastic MacBooks for <$400. Brother is a mechanic and if we can avoid white, that would be fantastic
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Does it have to be a Mac?
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I had good luck with macofalltrades. They take in the used computer and check it out before they sell it to you so we felt a little more comfortable with the transaction than buying off Ebay or other random places.
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I have a 2011 MBP I'd be willing to sell you for that price. MeMail me.
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In 2006, I got mine from It's still running. I also got a used iPad, Magic Mouse, and Apple wireless keyboard from them. They are a great company.
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OWC sells refurbished Apple hardware, is trustworthy and has excellent customer service.
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Seconding OWC and adding Expercom to the list of used Apple dealers I've used in the past and trust. If you don't see something listed on either site, send them an email with your budget and requirements, they might come across a one-off that will suit your needs.
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Apple has their own refurb store as well. Prices might be higher than you want, but you're buying newer hardware that Apple refurbed themselves. I've bought almost all my Apple hardware from the Refurb store and it's never failed me.
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I would check MacOfAllTrades, Itemcycle, or Gazelle.

$400 is a pretty low price for a used Mac, so I doubt you'll find anything on Apple's official refurb store.

Gazelle is probably the biggest of the three I mentioned, wouldn't hurt to give them a look. Happy hunting!
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