Resources on Black Lives Matter movement?
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Can you make some recommendations to me of some good resources on the Black Lives Matter movement?

I've already looked over their website a few times. Just wondering about articles or other media that I could read/review on the history and current activities of the movement. Thanks for any links or ideas!
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it looks like you asked a similar question about being a white ally last year, and got some answers pointing to general white privilege discussion, like the Peggy McIntosh Invisible Backpack piece and Time Wise. So, I'm assuming that your question is specifically on how the Black Lives Matter movement evolved?

This New Yorker article sort of does the thing that most mass media does in trying to boil a big social movement down to some 'leader' profiles talking about folks like Alicia Garza and Deray McKesson, but overall it's still a decent explainer piece with some of the history of the movement's evolution from its start in the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin shooting to the current speculation of McKesson running for mayor of Baltimore. That may not be a bad place to start, and then start Googling names and events that you want to know more about.
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This is more the movement for black lives versus the specific organization Black Lives Matter, but check out the resources at Campaign Zero.
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Hi - I did ask a similar question recently. This one is very specific to the Black Lives Matter movement - thanks!
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This piece focuses mostly on BLM-Minneapolis, but in doing so illustrates how BLM as a whole has been effective both in terms of reshaping popular discourse about racism and effecting policy changes.
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Brown v. Ferguson
A chronicle of #BlackLivesMatter, situating this movement in the history of race politics and struggles in the US. Traces the shifting meaning of black identity in a context of growing surplus populations managed by incarceration and police violence.
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