Help me find this children's book about sharks
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Help me find this book! Gory children's book about shark attacks read in the mid 1990s.

I have searched for quite some time and haven't seen anything like what I remember. Here are some details:

- Taken out of the library in the mid 1990s, probably around 1995 or so. Title was contemporary, not more than a few years old.

- It had a blue cover, probably something underwater.

- It was separated into six to ten (or so) different stories, like an anthology.

- Each story was about a shark attack, but I don't remember if they were all great white sharks or if there were a variety of sharks.

- It was not a super long book, probably about 100 pages.

- There was one story (and this is a vague recollection) about a surfer dude who somehow ended up chopped up into pieces and the narrator saw like, his hair or something in the chum bucket.

- It was pretty gory for a children's book. Definitely meant for the 10-13 age range, not younger.

Anyone have any leads? I've checked the local catalog for a ton of different keywords and I'm not seeing anything that rings a bell.

Thanks in advance!
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Maybe Man-eating sharks : a terrifying compilation of shark-attacks, shark-facts and shark-legend!? It was originally published in 1975, but a new edition or copy would have made it seem more "contemporary".
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Is it Tales of the Great White?
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The description of Tales of the Great White sounds just like it, but that wasn't the cover. Are there other editions??
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jenny76 - are you able to find a picture of the cover? I am having trouble finding any images!
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amicamentis, I was able to find this image of "Man-eating sharks : a terrifying compilation of shark-attacks, shark-facts and shark-legend!" but I'm not familiar with the book so I can't vouch for it. I found it on a semi-sketchy site through Google.
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Could it be: "Bloody Waters: Terrorizing Shark Tales" by Scott Ingram
Lowell House Juvenile, 1995 - Children's stories, American. - 95 pages
From What's that Book Website:

Question: Book from late 90's/early 21st-compilation of scary shark stories, illustrated with red lettering, blue cover, and shark

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Asked by separateway on Wed 21, Dec 2011 09:03am :
One of the stories in it was about two teen brothers at a hotel who get
attacked by bull sharks that get washed into the pool. Another I believe
ended with a man being torn apart in a frenzy after being pushed off a
boat, and a daughter calling him, old chum. Another, I think, was about a
boy who suffered a severe leg wound from coral. It wasn't a big compilation
and was a paperback that included some black and white illustrations
throughout the book. Any help would be appreciated
- See more at:
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Also, if you make an account at Open Library they have a copy of this book that you can read on your browser, the very first story is about a pair of surfers who are attacked by sharks- one lives, the other dies:
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It was Bloody Waters - Terrorizing Shark Tales!! Thanks momochan! I laughed seeing that someone else had the same frustrating book hunt that I did back in 2011.

You guys are awesome!!
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