Fantasy(??) illustrator
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I'm looking for a new of an illustrator who is reminiscent of landscape shots on this page (under "Want a quick...", particularly shots 3 and 5). I do strongly remember the artist producing a landscape that involved heavy silhouetting, rolling hills (or a bridge?), and bright, purple-blue-green colours. Who might this classic (pre-Internet) illustrator be?

For some reason my brain associates him or her with the '50s-'70s, possibly Scandinavian, possibly somehow connected to Tolkien. All of those details may be wrong.

Googling got me nothing.
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Not quite the right era, but Maxfield Parrish?
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And cross referencing Maxfield Parrish and Tolkien I got the Hildebrant brothers, which seem closer to the non-art-related details and with a similar style.
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Roger Dean? It would be hard to get more "60's and 70's fantasy landscape" than him - he did album covers for Yes.
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It's a bit of a stretch, but Moebius?
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Best answer: Eyvind Earle?
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Response by poster: Eyvind Earle is it, thank you!
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