Spot That Woman's Shoe
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I spotted the boot of my dreams, but didn't ask the wearer where she got them. Can you help me on my footwear quest?

A serious question, MeFites--

Today I fell in love with a pair of boots.

The look: Low-top combat boots in dark gray/black pebbled leather. The defining detail--instead of shoelaces, the upper was lined with a zipper chain.

Does that make sense? Basically, the top hem/throat/opening of the boot was lined with one side of a zipper chain, so that it circled the ankle.

My only regret is not asking the girl where she got them. Now they shall haunt me forever.

But maybe not. Can any shoe-savvy MeFites lend a helping hand?

Thank you!!!
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Help me understand... There were laces? No laces? Was there a zipper instead of laces? I understand that there was one half of a zipper around the top of the ankle boot, just unclear about the rest.
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Are they like this?
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This is what you mean with the zipper, right?
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Or maybe this?
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I have these, which sounds sort of like what you're describing. The part of the boot that has the zipper detail is called the topline, so that word might help your searching.
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Response by poster: Yes! A zipper topline, thank you--that does help.

No laces, from what I recall--zipper topline extended down the center of the upper instead.

Sort of looks like a chukka shape, otherwise--like the Clarks Desert Shoe. But with the zipper topline.
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Alexander Wang makes lots of footwear with ornamental zippers, like these? I know you said they're shaped like Clarks, but I'm including them because searching similar styles sometimes sends one down the right path.
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Or these?
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From Eric Michael
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone!!!

I think the Lucky Brand boots that the webmistress described are the closest in color and design so far--the pebbling on the shoe I saw was a bit more pronounced, the design was a bit more relaxed/deconstructed, and there was less of a sheen. But those are pretty sweet, too.
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Not boots but I gotta show you the Fluevogs.
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I know the louis vuitton Tomboy boots have this, but the ones with the front zip are more of a brogue than a combat boot.

I've done so much searching for this today! because one time I saw a girl on the train with green leather boots and I kick myself every day for not asking her where she got them, so I thought I could redeem myself through you. :P

here are some incorrect but cute shoes!

I did find this gem of a aliexpress advertisement!

if you want to keep looking, some good terms are "zip-trim" "zipper trim" "zipper edge" "zip-edge" "zip-seam", etc. It's so hard to find anything with a zip-front and a zip-trim though!
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These come in dark grey, but you can see the leather texture better on the taupe.

Here's a pic of the grey, they look super dark on the store website. The texture you saw might have been worn-in suede.
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Not boots, but if you're a creative type you could duplicate it in a platform style. Platforms for Change is a convertible shoe that comes with two tops and lets you DIY more tops with an open-source design. If you could source that textured leather and the zipper...could be an adventure if you're into that sort of thing!
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