Book ID. Fantasy Book where Women Use Gem Pieces For Magic
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This is Children's/YA book I read in the early to mid 1980s in the UK. Invaders from across the sea are occupying the young heroes homeland and are looking for something. The protagonist goes in search of a magic jewel/gem/stone to defeat the invaders. One of the few details I remember is that another magic gem had been used to solve a previous crises and the shattered pieces of it could be used to do some kind of magic by the female characters.

I have no memory of who the author is. They had written several books all taking place in different fantasy words and did not seem to write any series, or at least no series that were in the Children's section of the library.

I would love to find out what this book is called and who wrote it.
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The gem and female magic sounds like If I pay thee not in gold, although the rest of the description doesn't match all that well.
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"Late one stormy night three infant princesses are born. As each baby is placed into her mothers arms, so the Archimage Binah bestows on her a gift of great power: a pendant containing a bud of the long-extinct Black Trillium. One day that power will be all that protects the princesses from certain doom."
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Is 1987 too late? Patricia Wrede, Caught in Crystal has female gem magic, is part of a loosely-connected series (more like a shared world).
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I'm afraid it is not any of these. I read the book so long ago that I don't remember any useful details. I think the gem (or stone or crystal) that the hero finds makes anyone who sees it want to posses it. Eventually the protagonist smashes it and the invaders all fight each other over the pieces, eventually fleeing back to their homeland with any bits of it they can collect.

Thanks for the suggestions.
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Final update from the OP:
The answer is The Forbidden Paths of Thual by Victor Kelleher. I was given the clue by this comment by um.
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