Seeking pro for mold issue in garage. What do I need to know?
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There is a recurring mold issue in my parents' garage. Mold keeps growing back in one corner of the garage. I don't know where to begin with hiring someone to deal with this, so I'm hoping someone can help me figure out what I need to know to make sure this gets done right. What kind of professional should I hire? Is there anything I should keep in mind as I try to find the right person for the job?

There aren't any moisture/mold issues in the rest of the house. This area has been repaired 3 times, once by a neighbor, once by a construction worker, and once by a roofer, but for some reason the mold keeps coming back, always in the same spot. Pics here.

My mother thinks that it might have to do with some work that was done to the window to the guest room, which sits right above the area: ever since that work was completed, the mold problem keeps coming back. I would be keen on the repair also finding and addressing the root cause of the mold returning.
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That spot is above the garage door -- is there a gutter on the outside near there?

Experts in treating mold can be very expensive. If you want to go that way though, most restoration companies will have a guy on staff or will at least have a working relationship with someone that does that kind of work.
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The mold keeps coming back because the area keeps getting wet somehow. Your mom's theory about the window above may very well be right. Focus on the moisture, not the mold.
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Yep. Your mom's very likely on the right track and I would start with checking the flashing and sealing around the window that had work done.

As jon1270 suggests: get rid of the moisture first. Then you can get rid of the mold. But the mold will keep coming back if you don't have the moisture problem fixed.
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thinks that it might have to do with some work that was done to the window to the guest room

Check that the weep holes are on the outside of the building, not draining into the wall.

Yes, I know you want to fix the mold, but it will come back if the cause isn't addressed.
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There is a tool for imaging moisture within walls. You could set up an account with them. They typically will wait until a rain to come out.
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Thanks everyone. We're having someone come out today to check the seals around the guest room window. To be sure, we're all on the same page with thinking that something in the work that was done might be causing a leak.

Hoopo, there is a gutter near that area, a few inches in front and above to be precise. I suspect the problem is with the window above the garage, but I will take a closer look at the gutter the next time it rains to see if there's an issue there, just in case.

yohko, the weep holes are on the outside at least.

slidell, might go this route if the sealing that we're doing doesn't have the desired effect.

Going to monitor the situation from here on with hopes of resolution, but further suggestions and advice is certainly welcome.
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