how do I find a special, lovely leather belt for a man?
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I'd like to get my husband a nice belt for our 3rd ("leather") anniversary.

Ideally I'd like it to be from a place that has some sort of nice story about it - perhaps a good leather crafter, old company, etc. It would also be great if it was the kind of thing that could be initialed on the inside. I would rather go beyond a basic brand name and instead get something interesting or artisanal (though a relatively standard/classic style as far as the actual belt goes).

Any random tips for buying a belt for a man? I know his waist size, anything else i should consider?

Other possible factor of interest- I am in the US, but will be traveling to London and Paris between now and the anniversary. Is there anywhere in those places (especially London) that I should go for this?
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Response by poster: Oh, and price range - up to $200 though would prefer something like $100
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Best answer: Lovely handmade belts, well within your price range, from Narragansett Leathers. The hoof pick belt is particularly distinctive. I don't think they monogram, but you could perhaps find someone else to do that.
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Best answer: Narragansett Leathers
Col. Littleton
James Reid
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Best answer: It depends on what sort of thing you want.

Shinola is kind of a cool story.

A football fan might enjoy a football leather belt.

Any leather worker shoe shop can probably do any custom monogramming that you want.
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Response by poster: Shinola is perfect story-wise. Still open to other suggestions - thank you!
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Wood&Faulk does some dang nice work.
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Lots of great suggestions above. For another option, I've worn my bridle leather belt from Leather Goods Connection nearly every day for the last 6 years or so and my love grows for it annually. Great gift idea.
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I can vouch for Equus. Nice leather, plenty of choice of leather and buckles, and your stuff is made to order by Charlie. If the colour is critical, I suggest you ask for some samples.
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Not exactly artisinal but everyone I've given mission belts to have loved them.
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Oh oh oh! Are you still in Chicago? The Chicago School of Shoemaking and Leather Arts has classes, including a Date Night, in which you make your own leather accessories (a belt is one of the options in the beginner class). DO THAT. Or get him something fancy AND something you made yourself!
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I have the Tow Belt from Saddleback Leather. Best belt I've ever owned. Extremely durable but nice looking at the same time. I've worn it just about every day for over three years and it looks as good as the day I bought it. Mine is in chestnut, which goes well with both khakis and jeans. It also fits your budget at $93.
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Waist size isn't necessarily the same as belt size. Grab a belt and check the size or measure buckle to the hole he uses most. Even measuring the waistband of well fitting pants will be a good check for the size.
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This belt has a 100 year warranty, for $73. Saddleback Leather Company

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