Looking for books to help Prepare for the Praxis II Business Education
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Currently, I am a math teacher who is looking to expand his licensure to include teaching business education classes. I will be taking the Praxis II exam to get my teaching certification in Business Education. The contents of the exam include economics, entrepreneurship, marketing and management, along with accounting and finance, international business, and information technology (page 5 in the PDF). There are some ad-hoc books that I’ve seen on Amazon marketplace that I will be checking out as well.

When I have taken Praxis Exams in English Content Knowledge , Chemistry, or Biology, I’ve found that simply buying Advanced Placement (AP) prep books from Princeton Review or Barron’s often prepared me more than adequately for these assessments.

However because of the unique array of content and interdisciplinary nature of the Business Education exam. I am not sure if getting the AP Prep books would be an ideal solution for me. Indeed, the only real AP exam that covers the content seems to be AP Economics. Nevertheless, I am still going to acquire AP prep for economics which makes up a substantial part of the Business Education content exam. I was wondering if anybody in the hive mind could recommend textbooks or books or even other strategies that could equip me with enough of a knowledge base to pass this exam. I am looking in particular for textbooks that one may have had in high school or college that provide a synoptic cover of topics such as accounting, management, a little bit of econ, and maybe even some finance in its pages. I could have sworn that in high school, I had such textbooks that offered such cursory introductions to some of these topics.
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I took a minor in entrepreneurship, and the introductory textbook covered a lot of basic issues in overview; it focused more on business plans than maybe you need and didn't go super in depth into accounting (I don't think double entry was covered at all).

My text was an old Canadian edition of Small Business Management by Longenecker. I think this is current: https://www.amazon.ca/Small-Business-Management-Justin-Longenecker/dp/1133947751
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