Cute Foreign Romantic film--lost to the ravages of my failed memory
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I have been bugged for the last several months with trying to find a foreign romantic film which I watched on Netflix, possibly before the time of streaming. I only remember the vaguest of plot-lines.

Foreign film, but I think in English--possibly Australian or from New Zealand. The protagonist is a women who lives in this country and has what she thinks will be a one night stand with a man she meets at a party who is leaving the country that weekend. They fall for each other, and have a wonderful scene in a bath tub. He leaves, or perhaps he is about to leave when he turns around or she catches him at the airport. She is a dress designer and has a loft-style apartment where the (wedding?) dresses she designs are hanging on display. Thanks in advance!
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Sounds like Better Than Sex.
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Brilliant! Got it in one, and within half an hour of my posting. Thank you!
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Darn, one of these I could finally answer and someone beat me to it!

"Desiccated coconut!"
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