First they were writers, then they were writer/directors.
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There are plenty of successful writer-directors out there, but I'm curious about successful directors who started out as writers only (screenplays, novels, plays etc) before they transitioned to directing. I'm especially interested in minority or female directors.
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Chris McQuarrie
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Audrey Wells.
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There are lots of people with that trajectory. The first one that came to mind for me was Paul Schrader, and here's an article about screenwriters' directorial debuts. All men so far, I think. (I only skimmed that article, so I could have missed someone.)

Somehow, I can't think of any women who fit that off the top of my head. I'll come back if I do.
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Sorry for them being all white men, but John Hughes, Oliver Stone, and Charlie Kaufman come to mind.
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OK, I thought of Diablo Cody and Miranda July. They both started out writing.

I've thought of several women directors who I thought started out writing, but I keep being wrong.
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Nancy Meyers.
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Another white man, but Shane Black falls into the "started as a writer, now also directs."
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The Great Nora Ephron.
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Holy cats, how did I miss Margarethe von Trotta? She wrote and acted before she started directing.

Catherine Breillat as well. She published her first novel, which was adapted for film by someone else, when she was 17, then went on to direct her own films shortly after.
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Lots of people sell a book or a spec screenplay and then go on to direct. Sometimes, once is enough (Diablo Cody has said directing is not thing and she doesn't plan to do it again.) Robin Swicord, Callie Khouri, Maya Angelou, Diane English, Jennifer Lynch, Elaine May (who was also a performer which is a more usual route for women), Kay Mellor, Phyllis Nagy, Nell Scovell, Jill Soloway.
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Callie Khouri won the Best Original Screenplay Oscar for Thelma & Louise (her first produced script). It took over ten years for her to get her first feature directing gig, even though she had directed music videos before T&L, and the bump to director for an Oscar-winning male screenwriter would have been an assumed perq and would have happened much faster. She's done several interviews opening discussing the sexism she faced.
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Michael Crichton.
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Vince Gilligan. Maybe Amy Heckerling?
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Alex Garland -- a couple novels, then a few screenplays, then directed Ex Machina (from his own script) with more in production.
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Mel Brooks started writing TV comedy sketches.
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Script girl is like continuity/script supervisor. Mimi Leder started as a script supervisor.
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John Patrick Shanley (Joe vs the Volcano, Doubt)

Lorene Scafaria (a writer, then adapted a screenplay for "Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist", then wrote and directed "Seeking A Friend for the End of the World", then wrote and directed "The Meddler.")
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