What Is the Retailer % of Book Sales
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I am producing a TEDx event and am asking some of the speakers to bring along their books to sign and sell. What is the average retailers % of list price?
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Markup is generally 40% is that what you mean? I'm not totally sure I understand the question.
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Do you plan to make money on the books your participants are invited to bring with them? That sounds sketchy, if so. If say, you did a media fair based on the ideas of the speakers and charged per table, it might be a good side-by-side event for your group.
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I'm guessing that you might be asking because you are planning on keeping a percentage?

Booksellers cover the expense of carrying inventory, and authors don't necessarily get lower prices than the general public on their own books. Asking for them to pay you a standard retail markup is going to be a non-starter.
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Best answer: Yeah, no, don't do this. A close friend owns a bookstore and they don't get a cut if they host a signing event where the author brings their own books. Either you supply the books and take a cut, or the author supplies a book and you accept that the presence of the author is bringing you income in other ways.
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Speaking as an author, it's in several of my contracts that I'm not allowed to sell my books at events, as it competes with booksellers. I rarely even have copies of my books on hand, let alone enough to sell at an event. Talk to your local indie (or your local B&N if you don't have an indie) about servicing your event.
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