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Can you recommend me games like "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes" or "Artemis Bridge Simulator" i.e. Computer based games which require multiple people (in the same place) to do different things to co-operatively reach a goal.

They can require a computer each like Artemis or Just one Like KTANE, but must be cooperative and must be focussed on everyone being in the same place (I know you could theoretically play both online, but they're designed for local)
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Does it have to be on PC rather than a phone app? If not, SPACETEAM
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Is it essential that the games be cooperative? If not, the Jackbox Party Packs have a whole bunch of great party games that use an interesting set up where the game is run off of a single computer, and the players each use their own smartphone/tablet/computer to log in and use as a controller. My office particularly loves Fibbage, which is a Balderdash-style game about fooling your friends with fake answers to trivia questions.

If you're looking strictly for cooperative games, they do also have Bomb Corp, which plays like a lighter version of KTANE.
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Is coop-competitive ok? There's Ultimate Chicken Horse, which has a local group cooperatively build a level to get from the start to the goal. The competitive part is that you want to succeed while at the same time preventing the other players from also making it across; you only get points if at least one person fails to make it.
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Enthusiastically seconding Spaceteam and submitting MONACO: What's Yours Is Mine, a top-down heist game where each player takes on a different, highly specialized role in support of map-specific goals ("loot the diamond district," "steal the security footage"). It's really chaotic and fun.
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Space Station Thirteen

The right MineCraft server with the right mod pack. (I like FTB Infinity).
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Caveat: SS13 has some competitive sculduggery and has seriously strained a couple of friendships in my circle of friends.
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Second Spaceteam and Monaco. Both are great fun with a group of like-minded people.
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I've had fun playing Quintet with a group. Similar to Artemis in that you're all members of a space ship bridge crew, but a much different feel.
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