Does anyone have any Wizard World tips?
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Any tips or advice on what to expect from wizard world Raleigh?

I'm looking into going to Wizard World Raleigh next year; i know they aren't doing one this year but i'm pretty sure i saw a 2017 date for next year. I've been going to the same convention for the past three years(Lexington) and i'm getting kind of tired of it, want something new.

I have some questions that i can't find the answer to on WW q/a:

What kind of guests does the Raleigh WW usually get? Anyone like Chris Evans, or Haley Atwell? Are the crowds overwhelming? Any tips or what to expect would be great as well as this would be my first WW if i do decide to go.
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I checked out the website & Chris Evans is listed as a guest.
Thanks for asking this question - I had no idea this was happening & it looks fun!
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Although now I'm thinking that I may have gotten taken to the main WW site & looked at guests from this weekend, which would make more sense.
Have you been to cons before, or are you looking for WW specific tips?
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Okay, wow - so I've been doing a little reading on this, and it sounds like they have a reputation of having little programming, and mainly focusing on celebrity guests and autographs, etc.

I can’t tell you what the programming will be since, 12 days out, they’re still accepting suggestions. But having looked at other Wizard World schedules in the past, there are usually 15-20 programming panels/sessions over the course of the weekend. Total. Not per day. Not per room. Total.
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Why are you, specifically, interested in Wizard World Raleigh? Because it's local? Because you like going to cons? Are you into more of the comics end of things, or more pop culture/movie/TV end of things?

WW cons are typically very media focused, but who they get does depend on where/when. They generally get 2-4 "big" names (movie/TV stars) and then a bunch of ex-wrestlers/minor TV stars. Mostly for the bigger names, you'll pay an additional fee for the meet-n-greet/autograph/photo (they sell ticket packages or you can buy it as an add-on, but you'll need to buy ahead of time. Photo ops seem to be about an additional $50-100, depending on who it is, and autographs run a little less but about in the same range. VIP packages look to be around $200-300, but those do include admission).

You will see a lot of cosplayers.

I went to WW Philly a few years ago and I don't remember it being particularly crowded (that may have changed). But it was loud and the focus is definitely on mass-produced merchandise (maybe some collectibles, but that's not really my memory). There's an artists' alley with a lot of people selling fan art (more that than original works). You won't find much in the way of programming. I remember being underwhelmed by the size/scope of the con, overall -- it seemed fairly spread out for the space and really not that much to see.

I personally find WW cons to be really expensive for what they are, but mostly, I just like comics & want to see comics creators. So I get WW cons aren't really for me. They're not particularly well-run but they're not terribly-run either (the cons themselves -- Wizard, as a company, is another matter -- they do some shady things, like scheduling against other nearby cons/etc.).

But there's a celebrity who's going you'd like to meet & you'll willing to spend the money, I think there are worse things. I've been to some poorly-run cons and I at least feel like WW delivers.

If you want to look into other cons/events nearby, Convention Scene is a good resource.
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I was just at WW Minneapolis a couple weeks ago. Bookmark or pull up a map of the convention center and the programming schedule and have it ready before hand, because there won't be any paper maps or a whole lot of signage available. Be prepared to ask questions also for this reason, though the con staff are friendly and happy to answer when you can find them. One thing that I heard others complaining about around me was that panels and events are frequently scheduled with a 15 minute overlap for some reason, so if you want to go to an autograph session and want to be SURE to make it in, you're probably going to want to skip any panel with that overlap. Spend some time with the schedule and prioritize.
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